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The Domestic Abuse Act 2021 stands to protect survivors better. But are there other risks that have been purposefully overlooked?

I think, first, we have to praise the most recent adjustments to the Domestic Abuse and Violence Laws in the United Kingdom. For myself the adjustment that pertains to non-fatal strangulation being made a crime of Domestic Abuse. And for many others, the illegal release of sexual images. Most pertinently, laws that protect women and children from homelessness in situations of Domestic Violence.

Disabled People On Benefits Earned Their Keep In Covid-19 Crisis. We were already in crisis; We already knew how to help.

We’re going to talk about money. This is your warning. You’re going to get squeamish and uncomfortable as most people are want to do. Alex Holder revealed in her book, Open Up: Why Talking About Money Will Change Your Life, that when the subject of personal income and how it is used comes to the table of discussion, people fall into 3 categories; The rich, fat and silent, the middle class, dissatisfied but polite, or the poor, starving and heavily invested. But all indicated a level of discomfort above the norm.

Though The Guardian in 2020 revealed that Britain’s support…

My Unlikely Connection With The Woman Revolutionizing The Conversation Around Being Transgender.

My ex was a true Joker. The sinister laughter, mommy issues, brazen sociopathy and a serious anger problem. One of his favourite weapons was brandishing women at me like bundles of TNT in order to keep me silent; threatening me with their explosive beauty and talent. All it would take was one message from him and the spark would go off. He made absolutely no secret that he could, seemingly, have anyone. And Cecilia Jacobsen was one of those women.

Female self portrait artist has her most challenging series struck from platform before it doubled down on the value of the male-gaze.

Photographer, Gabrielle Steberis, in white tank top and jeans with a black belt wears her red hair in spacebuns in a series of narrow framed self-portraits. Rock symbol raised, two arms raised, rock symbol with pout, rock symbol with a cheeky tongue, and finally a sultry pout with a powerful feminine posture.
Photographer, Gabrielle Steberis, in white tank top and jeans with a black belt wears her red hair in spacebuns in a series of narrow framed self-portraits. Rock symbol raised, two arms raised, rock symbol with pout, rock symbol with a cheeky tongue, and finally a sultry pout with a powerful feminine posture.

“… it makes me wonder if I value their opinion more, or the hundreds of people that really like the new series… And it’s my face and my body that’s on the forefront of this art.. so I’m worried! But at the same time I’m really excited to share them,”

Gabrielle Steberis , reputable self-portrait artist and magazine photographer based in West Yorshire, announced this so proudly. A short lived excitement as not 48 hours later Instagram has removed her most recent artwork Enchantress. …

Searching for answers in all the wrong places led to me confusing my own healing for abuse.

Interesting; given time and distance and processing, like pressuring carbon into the jewel, my anger is eloquent and direct. My abuser will insist that he has apologised profusely for what he did to me. But, tell me, since when is feeling guilty for your own actions an acknowledgement of crimes that we commit against a unique individual?

Hint: It’s not. It’s purely self-pity. And that is not the same. To Him you could be anyone. To yourself, you are the world. When alone, it is you that must hold fast and steady; solid as the stone prometheus moulded you from…

Tik-Tok Can’t Stop This Blossom From Biting Back Against Personal Demons and Predjudice.

Gabrielle Steberis is a self-portrait artist and photographer one simply cannot ignore. Her approach is multi-faceted so best be prepared for a surprise in every release; she is a true changeling.

From humble, ethereal beginnings, you can see true progression in her mindset and her artistic integrity; no longer a sweet blossom, Ms Steberis is a beguilling rose abundant with thorns; art you cannot help but covet no matter how uncomfortable the message and imagery is to wrap your fist around. And many do with engagement on Instagram being a resounding clamour for more: We Stan Steberis!

99% of cases of rape don’t even make it to court due to prejudice against females within the justice system.

The recent pandemic has brought every terror of the human condition to the forefront; we have had very little to do with our time but worry, wash our hands, and think long and hard about the things we have done that have led to where we are. War, selfishness, irritation, anger.

Are 800 million young users per day slowly paving the way to a new economy without knowing it?

A Bupa survey in 2021 revealed that parenting teenagers during the pandemic is hard. But it also revealed that a worrying 45% of parents in the survey were struggling to talk to their teenagers regarding their wellbeing and mental health. That being said…two-thirds of the teenagers asked were already struggling with their mental health in the first place, and 34% overall feeling that they struggle to approach their parents with their problems. …

Markel, Morgan and Misogyny…One woman carries a horrifying global percentage to her grave.

Did you know that 60% of women in the UK are considered overweight? Yup. According to NHS national statistics, 60% of women in the UK are clinically obese. Regardless of the validity of these statistics, usually an amalgam of bullshit-BMI and inconsistent weight-tracking, that’s a statistic that we hear about a lot. The majority of advertising for weight-loss programs, apps, diet products and exercise regiemes is targeted towards women. The Woman and Equalities Committee in the House of Commons completed a survey in 2020 that identified this as a serious issue; women felt targeted.

They know you’re hiding. You can hear their insidious little whispers seeking you out, the rapid, echoing padding of tiny toes through the ceiling, and their stickly claws shining with saliva, mouth dotted with cookie crumbs. And they will find you. Here’s how to handle it.

The feminist movement of the last 20+ years has been ushering women towards managing a career as much as being a mother. Be the best at supervising everything; 3 meals, 3 meetings, 3 motivational memes, 3 maternal moments a day. The father role has become evermore important with stay-at-home dads, though declining in number, stands at 232,000 which is a huge leap from the fat zero. The modern family, however is a veritable rainbow of responsibility; “parent” is no longer a title assigned to the baby making machines. It’s all about the love. It’s always been about the love. …

Philippa Cooper

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